Judith Wells

Cataract Surgery with Premium Lens

My procedure was quick and pain-free. Now I can enjoy sewing, painting, and reading without having to go find my glasses. My sight is as good as it gets!

Lorena Piper

Cataract Surgery with Premium Lens

Before my procedure, I had to stop playing piano because I couldn't read the sheet music. I also quit sewing, reading in bed and hated using the computer. Now that my near and distance vision are both 20/20, I can get back to enjoying all of these activities. My husband now tells me that I have "hawk eye vision." He was so impressed by my results that he's planning on using Restor lens implants when he has his cataract surgery. Coming to South Georgia Eye Partners was worth the drive. And, if I had it to do all over again, I would.

Trinni Amiot


I decided to have PRK/LASIK surgery because I felt I was too young to start wearing bifocals. Plus, I was just tired of contact lenses and glasses.
Since my procedure, I've experienced sharper vision. My night vision/driving vision has improved, and I no longer see halos.
PRK was one of the best things I ever did, and I would absolutely recommend it. My experience at South Georgia Eye Partners was phenomenal. And, if you think LASIK isn't affordable - think again. I was able to finance my procedure through Capital One.

Glenda Bennett

Cataract Surgery with Premium Lens

I really like how Dr. Petermann explained my procedure in a way I could understand. His knowledge and professionalism made me feel comfortable in choosing South Georgia Eye Partners for my cataract surgery. Since my procedure, I've had nothing but excellent vision!

Jeri Annette Woodruff

Cataract Surgery

Everyone at South Georgia Eye Partners is very helpful. My vision is now great! I see 20/20 and no longer have to wear trifocals. It is wonderful to be able to see without having to rely on glasses.

Patrick (David) Hodges

Cataract Surgery

I wore glasses my whole life. But, now I can see things I couldn't before. Everything is so much brighter, and it's wonderful not to have to wear glasses. My experience at South Georgia Eye Partners was excellent. Dr. Petermann and all of the staff were friendly, helpful and informative.

Rosemary Jarrett

General Optical Care

I'm very happy with my new glasses. Before, I had trouble reading, but now there is a marked increase in my vision. I can finally read captions on TV again. South Georgia Eye Partners is great. They take the time to explain everything, and at age 89, I need it!

Mike Davis

Cataract Surgery with Premium Lens

Before having cataract surgery, my vision was very blurred. As a pharmacist, I began to notice deteriorated sight, especially when trying to read the computer screen. Now, my vision is better and I'm able to do my job without the aggravation of poor eyesight.

Elsie Moore

Cataract Surgery

From the summer when Elsie had an eye infection and saw all doctors to the entire cataract surgery and check ups, our experiences with South Georgia Eye Partners were wonderful. My mother is 86 and has short-term memory problems due to Alzheimer's; everyone was very respectful and accommodating in dealing with her age and her medical condition. Elsie was very hesitant about her surgery, but when she woke up and did not need her eyeglasses, her attitude seemed much rosier. She did not realize how much her vision had deteriorated. -Submitted by Cynthia Lang (daughter of Elsie)

Ginell Costa

Custom iLASIK

Overall, I had a great experience each visit. Dr. Petermann explained everything very well and kept me informed. Before my iLASIK surgery, my glasses were either torn up by my kids or they were scratched and dirty. They also created a barrier in front of my face. After surgery, I felt awesome. I noticed a 100% improvement and my eyes are less itchy.

Ron Lipsey

Cataract Surgery with Premium Lens

I decided to have cataract surgery with ReSTOR premium lens implants because my left eye was terrible, I had to wear glasses to read, I couldn't do work, and I saw four headlights when driving. Now I see so much better and can read without using glasses. My visits to South Georgia Eye Partners were wonderful. They took the time to explain everything and answer all of my questions as well as worked with me to use my Chase financing. I also experienced a very short wait time.

Susan Mitchell

Cataract Surgery with ReSTOR Lenses

Before the procedure, I had trouble seeing to drive. Most of the time I drove with one eye closed. And now, I am able to see better when driving, and I no longer have to wear glasses when reading a book. Even doing simple things like putting on make up without glasses or recognizing someone across the room just makes me feel younger. I really have been given a new lift on life! Dr. Petermann is very good at what he does, and I was confident in choosing him as my physician.

Amy Simpson

Cataract Surgery (left eye) & Cataract Surgery with Premium Lens (right eye)

Life before was blurred at times and all the colors I saw were subdued. Now colors are more vivid and I don't need glasses for everyday activities like driving, reading or viewing the computer screen. I'm able to do anything I used to do as younger person before I had glasses.

Walton T. Carter, Jr.

Cataract Surgery with Premium Lens

I received excellent service and professional treatment. I've been entirely satisfied with my implants and would recommend them to anyone. It feels so great to not need glasses for any activity. I've even discarded the ones I used for reading and driving!

Dennis Grimsley

Cataract Surgery with Premium Lens Implant

I did not realize how much I was not seeing until after the surgery. Colors are now much more vivid. I can now read, and I can actually put a fishhook on my line without glasses. These are things that I have been unable to do for about 30 years.