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One of the main concerns of our patients in the optical center is the proper way to clean and protect your new glasses. There are many soft materials that look like good alternatives to the micro-fiber cloths provided with your glasses, but these other materials, infact, are very harmful to your lens.

A common subsitute is the tail of your shirt. This is one of the worse options possible. Your shirt can collect dirt and other materials during the day that will leave scratches. Also, fabric softners and others detergents can leave a film on you glasses. Another material used to clean a lens is paper towels or soft tissues. These materials are made from either trees or recycled paper products which leave small particles of the tissue and can cause scratches.

So, whats the best way to clean your glasses? Your microfiber cloth and dish soap with water. Dish soap doesn’t leave behind a film or any residue and your micro-fiber cloth is a safe way to guarantee no scratches will occour.

Above is a link where Kleenex® confirms that they do not recommend that their tissues do not be used to to clean glasses.

Also, remeber to store you glasses safely in your case every time you are not using them to protect them from being knocked over and damaged.

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