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South Georgia Eye Partners: What You Need to Know About Google Glass

Thursday, March 27th, 2014 

iStock_000026005783SmallAs vision technology changes and advances, South Georgia Eye Partners wants to be sure we keep our patients in the know.  Wearable gadgetry is the latest trend in technology, and as one of the front-runner products of the craze—Google Glass—gears up for public release, SGEP thinks now is the time to familiarize yourself with the digital eyewear.

Google Glass is a small, wearable computer that uses an optical head-mounted screen to display a smartphone-like interface above the wearer’s upper-right field of vision. Fitted to glasses frames, the device is activated through voice commands or head gestures.

As always, new technology brings a unique set of questions. One foremost on the minds of optometrists studying the device: Will this negatively affect eyesight? American Optometric Association (AOA) members are looking into the matter, and SGEP hopes this answers some of your questions as well.

Optometrists raise concerns that Glass will cause computer-related eye strain symptoms, could increase dry eye, and might be difficult for presbyopes to use with the screen mounted close to the face—though the display is designed to appear as if it were about two feet away. Field of vision is another concern as the ¼-inch arm of the device might obstruct parts of the vision field. Optometrists plan to see how patients’ fields of vision changes over time with use.

As Google announces new prescription lens-ready frames that are adaptable to Glass, optometrists likely will receive more questions about corrective lens availability.

Four Common Patient Questions – And Answers!

  1. Can I drive while wearing Google Glass?
  Just as you wouldn’t text and drive, you should not use the device while driving.
  2. I have poor vision in my right eye. Can I still wear Glass?
  Optometrists who have used Glass say it’s probably best to wear the screen over the dominant eye. However, Glass is only available with a right-eye-positioned screen.
  3. I’ve been diagnosed with dry eye. Will Glass make it worse?  
Looking up repeatedly to access the Glass screen could exacerbate dry eye, some optometrists speculate, but symptoms could be less pronounced with a glance as opposed to a prolonged stare.
  4. Can you fit me with prescription lenses for Glass?  
Currently, Glass is mounted to a specially designed frame with nonprescription lenses. However, Google announced prescription lenses may be fit to the frames with help from eye care providers.

So whether you see the Google Glass as half empty or half full, the gadgets are gaining hype and popularity. View additional FAQs regarding Google Glass. See the January/February edition of AOA Focus for more information about Google Glass.  South Georgia Eye Partners prides itself on being your information source on all new eye care technology and vision wear – visit our website for information on everything from dry eye conditions to iLASIK vision correction surgery to glaucoma care to comprehensive eye exams.  With offices in Valdosta, Tifton and Douglas, we can serve you near home and with expert care.  Call us today to make an appointment.

Source: AOA
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SGEP Opens South Georgia’s 1st Dry Eye Clinic

Wednesday, September 25th, 2013 

Young woman dripping eyes at homeSouth Georgia Eye Partners has just opened the first and only on-site Dry Eye Clinic in Valdosta, Georgia.  The Clinic is open every Tuesday from 7:30am to 5:00pm in the Valdosta office and is headed up by Dr. Ann Patel.

Dry Eye, as a condition, is defined as the eye’s inability to produce tears and lubricate itself.  Dry Eye Syndrome affects millions of people every day, and causes range from aging to environmental irritants to pre-existing medical conditions.

Treating dry eye is important not only for your comfort but for your eye’s health.  Dr. Patel incorporates many treatments for dry eye depending on the patient’s particular symptoms, severity and overall health.  Medications can include everything from Restasis®, FreshKote Drops®, HydroEye® and Tranquileyes®.

Dr. Patel also sees patients in the Tifton SGEP office on Thursdays and in the Doulas SGEP office on Wednesdays, however, any of our South Georiga Eye Partners physicians can treat Dry Eye Syndrome.  Contact us to make an appointment today.

Some symptoms of Dry Eye include:

  • Redness
  • Burning
  • Itching
  • Scratchiness

Common causes of Dry Eye include:

  • Sun and wind exposure
  • Cold or dry air
  • Indoor heating and air conditioning
  • Prolonged computer screen viewing
  • High altitudes
  • Eye surgery
  • Hormonal fluctuations