Come enjoy the BLADE-FREE Lasik Experience

No matter how ready you are for life without lenses, the decision to have LASIK is a big one.  You want to know for certain that you’re getting a safe and trusted treatment.  That’s exactly why South Georgia Eye now offers the most advanced approach to LASIK called the IntraLase Method.  With the IntraLase Method, you can have a LASIK procedure that’s 100% blade-free, exceptionally advanced, and has been show to improve the outcome for patients.

In a clinical survey of LASIK patients who had their LASIK flaps created using a blade in one eye and the IntraLase Method in the other, the vision in the IntraLase-treated eye was preferred 3-to-1.

Its the most advanced treatment there is!  The IntraLase Method gives Dr Petermann an extremely high degree of surgical control for exceptional outcomes.  To learn more about the IntraLase method or speak to one of our highly trained LASIK technicians just give us a call!  Valdosta (229)244-2068 or Tifton (229)391-4180